BBW Meaning: What Does BBW Stand for? with Useful Examples

BBW Meaning! Engaging in conversations with the youth of today, can be exhausting, stressful, confusing and downright aggravating (aggy). Millennials have turned the English language into two-syllable, acronymic, initialized forms of speech. In order to understand and communicate with millennials, you either need a translator or have the ability to translate their slang. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the slang term BBW with definition and example conversations.

BBW Meaning

What Does BBW Mean?

The term “BBW” is a euphemism to describe thick, or curvy women. It stands for “big beautiful women” when referring to a sexy, overweight woman. BBW , is said to be a politically correct alternative that can be used to describe “plus-sized”, “full-figured”, or “thick” women.


This acronym is primarily found on online dating sites, or in the porn industry. In the porn world, BBW is often fetishized. Many hip-hop artists, and rappers mention a woman is BBW is preferred over thin women.

Origin of BBW

The use of the term BBW, was coined in the late 70’s by Carole Shaw, with the launching of BBW magazine. From there, thicker women have been referred to as BBWs.

Other Meanings

There are many variations to the abbreviation BBW. Some say that it means beautiful black women. However, the more common definition is big, beautiful women.

As far as finding other terms close to the acronym BBW, the other words don’t hold the euphemistic quality as BBW.

Some similar words referring to a BBW:

  • Plump princess
  • Real women
  • Plus size princess
  • Well nourished
  • Thick, curvy, full-figure
  • buxom , rubenesque
  • SSBBW: super-sized big beautiful woman

A similar acronym to BBW, when referring to men as a cute fat guy,is BHM. This means big, handsome man. However, this acronym has multiple meanings, that could give someone the wrong idea.

Girl look at him, he is so fine. I don’t do big guys, but he is definitely a BHM.

Now, read the following sentence using the same acronym. This sentence references BHM as black, hung male. The usage of this version of BHM is typically found when scouring online, personal ads.

Look at the way he is walking, like he is a BHM.

There are many women that take offense to the term BBW, as it is often seen as a euphemism for fat, overweight women. Other women that have learned to embrace their curves and sexiness, enjoy being referred to as “BBW.”

Example Conversations

Conversation 1:

  • Person A- Did you see how Olivia’s dress hugs her hips and curves?
  • Person B- Yes, I did. She is one luscious BBW!

Conversation 2:

  • Girl 1- Girl, I told you Drake like his women thick and curvy!
  • Girl 2- What you mean?
  • Girl 1- Listen to his song- he said he likes his women to be BBW!

The use and reference of “BBW” is not meant to be derogatory or offensive in the least bit. It is a form of flattery that is used to describe a woman who is beautiful and sexy, yet her body is not thin according to society.

BBW Meaning Infographic

BBW Meaning: What Does BBW Stand for? with Useful Examples 2Pin

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Elaine Ferris
Elaine Ferris
4 months ago

Because you say it isn’t offensive does not mean it is Not offensive

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